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Sammy Younan is the program director of Girth Radio: an online radio station that started broadcasting from inside The Pacific Junction Hotel bar (RIP!). At Girth he Hosts My Summer Lair (a pop culture celebration) & In Session… (which features music performances).

An avid writer; Red Letter Nights is his first book. His writing has appeared in the National Post, USA Today, Sole Shift, Relevant and Geek Hard.

Sammy doesn't get along with pants: Down With Pants!

Better Batman Than Sorry

So…Joel Schumacher apologized for Batman and Robin. Which is nice I guess but ultimately it doesn’t erase them from history. Joel’s Batman movies continue to exist in life and worse in my head…where’s that handy Men In Back eraser thingie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Bat-Mind.

It’s weird but it’s not his fault (oh Schumacher is still fully fired…banker box escorted out by security fired but still). This is Batman’s life cycle…Adam West just died yet when his Batman came out nerds howled in anger. That’s not Our Batman.

Thankfully Adam West’s campy Batman lead to the necessary course correction of a darker violent Batman…Dark Knight Returns, Killing Joke etc. That’s Our Batman. Then inevitably once the proceedings get too dark The People (corporations are run by people) overreact and you can crap movies like Batman and Robin…to lighten the mood. Which proves to be one of those I told you so mistakes. Which brings us back to darkness with Nolan’s movies and to Snyder’s recent and phenomenal New 52 run.

Right on track Lego Batman is ruining Batman (back to Batman 66 style jokes) but this means eventually we’re heading back to violence and darkness…back to Our Batman. Well not Andrew my Back Issue Bloodbath co-host’s Batman but for the rest of us… (Our Batman is a country club Batman; it’s an exclusive club with specific rituals and responsibilities; we can’t just let anybody into this club).

Now…anything we can do about all 3 Tobey Spider-Mans? Sam Raimi has only apologized for the third one…but what about those first 2 sucky movies?

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