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Sammy Younan is the program director of Girth Radio: an online radio station that started broadcasting from inside The Pacific Junction Hotel bar (RIP!). At Girth he Hosts My Summer Lair (a pop culture celebration) & In Session… (which features music performances).

An avid writer; Red Letter Nights is his first book. His writing has appeared in the National Post, USA Today, Sole Shift, Relevant and Geek Hard.

Sammy doesn't get along with pants: Down With Pants!

Canadian Reactions to the American Superbowl 50...

Canadian Reactions to the American Superbowl 50...

The following are some basic Canadian Reactions to the classic American spectular known as the Superbowl...

“What’s a Cam Newton? That a new delicious cookie?”

“NFL would be a lot easier to follow if both teams were called the Broncos.”

“Pfft. Our balls are bigger.”

“Remember that time we cut The Rock from the CFL?”

"How come after hitting each other the players don't say sorry?"


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