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Sammy Younan is the program director of Girth Radio: an online radio station that started broadcasting from inside The Pacific Junction Hotel bar (RIP!). At Girth he Hosts My Summer Lair (a pop culture celebration) & In Session… (which features music performances).

An avid writer; Red Letter Nights is his first book. His writing has appeared in the National Post, USA Today, Sole Shift, Relevant and Geek Hard.

Sammy doesn't get along with pants: Down With Pants!

Hidden Gem: Emma-Lee “Worst Enemy”

Always a sucker for that big brassy female voice.

Remember when you were a kid you’d scribble on a piece of paper and hand your art to adults who’d ask: “What is this?” You’d sigh and point out that’s clearly a purple turtle. D’uh. And that’s fine as a kid; your scribbles are art and that’s why they go on the fridge.

As you grow older…especially in school your turtle had better start looking like a damn turtle and it better not be purple!

From the media release:
 The introspective single serves to deliver a universal message — be yourself and make no apologies. “Our parents, teachers and friends all encourage us to be ourselves, but as you get older, sometimes only traces of that encouragement survive,” says Emma-Lee. “Reality sets in, and you tell yourself it’s time to get a real job and get serious. In writing this song I wanted to ask the question ‘What would you do if you could meet your old self again?’”


Music for When You Handle Your Business!


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