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Sammy Younan is the program director of Girth Radio: an online radio station that started broadcasting from inside The Pacific Junction Hotel bar (RIP!). At Girth he Hosts My Summer Lair (a pop culture celebration) & In Session… (which features music performances).

An avid writer; Red Letter Nights is his first book. His writing has appeared in the National Post, USA Today, Sole Shift, Relevant and Geek Hard.

Sammy doesn't get along with pants: Down With Pants!

New Book Alert: September 2-6, 2019

New Book Alert: September 2-6, 2019

My weekly collection of new and notable books for your pop culture pleasure and edification: #ReadMoreTweetLess.

PSA: September is a great month for nerds who read…pictureless books!

David Koepp’s Cold Storage (out September 3)

Stephen King’s The Institute (out September 10)

Orson Scott Card’s Lost and Found (out September 10)

Stan Lee’s A Trick of Light (with Kat Rosenfield!) (out September 17)

Now…for the New Book Alerts:

Quichotte: A Novel by Salman Rushdie (Random House; Novel on sale September 3, 2019): Salman Rushdie’s latest novel is out TODAY which automatically makes today a great day. As always his books are tea worthy! Both for the reading and the animated discussion afterwards. #NewBookAlert for September 3, 2019.

A quick informal survey. Which do you like best? US/Canadian cover on the left, UK/Indian cover on the right? Me, I like both a lot.

— Salman Rushdie (@SalmanRushdie) August 2, 2019

Cold Storage: A Novel by David Koepp (Ecco; Novel on sale September 3, 2019): David Koepp (yes the Jurassic Park guy!!) has published his first novel: Cold Storage. I’m curious…of course he’s already sold the film rights so I suppose I could just wait for the movie. That so worked in high school: A +.  (I am curious why after all these years and billions in box office…why a novel now especially a novel that was sold whose movie right were quickly sold?) #NewBookAlert for September 4, 2019.

In case you missed it, read a teaser of COLD STORAGE right over here. And then go preorder it! Today! For $2.99? YES!

— Ecco (@eccobooks) August 7, 2019

American Exceptionalism and American Innocence: A People’s History of Fake News?From the Revolutionary War to the War on Terror by Roberto Sirvent & Danny Haiphong (Skyhorse; Politics on sale April 2, 2019): American Exceptionalism and American Innocence tackles Oprah’s spoon feeding (I told you!) and the NFL and LeBron James and so much more. It’s All Happening! When the subjects are this seemingly unconnected the thinking is usually sharp. #NewBookAlert for September 5, 2019.

I am going to #China this December. It is not cheap and I have been #unemployed for over a year. My book makes a great gift and is meant to be a service to the struggle for #socialjustice. Consider getting a copy today!

— Danny Haiphong (@SpiritofHo) August 31, 2019

The Odyssey by Ken Hunts (Book*hug Press; Poetry on sale August 20, 2019): Ken Hunt’s follow up to his awe-inspiring The Lost Cosmonauts. Excellent space inspired poetry…as a society we used to read poetry often. We were also a society that used to look up at the stars. #NewBookAlert for September 6, 2019.

Fifty years ago humans embarked on an epic journey to land on the moon. Now, @Jkchunt utilizes NASA’s Apollo 11 voice transcription document, to create The Odyssey, an erasure poem of star charts. Available now: #FridayReads

— Book*hug Press (@bookhugpress) August 30, 2019


The Unreliable Narrator Is A Wonder To Behold...

The Unreliable Narrator Is A Wonder To Behold...

Trial by Trailer: including Mindhunter!

Trial by Trailer: including Mindhunter!