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Sammy Younan is the program director of Girth Radio: an online radio station that started broadcasting from inside The Pacific Junction Hotel bar (RIP!). At Girth he Hosts My Summer Lair (a pop culture celebration) & In Session… (which features music performances).

An avid writer; Red Letter Nights is his first book. His writing has appeared in the National Post, USA Today, Sole Shift, Relevant and Geek Hard.

Sammy doesn't get along with pants: Down With Pants!

No Permission Slip

No Permission Slip

"We never just thought we were supposed to wait our turn," Kevin Durant said. "We always wanted to go and take everything."

These are Kevin Durant quotes from 2012. They didn't win that year but the philosophy is sound.

These are the most amazing times:
We’re only limited by imaginations.
There is no need to accept can’ts or nos or not for yous.
Or even to ask for permission.
We must do our best to broaden & renovate the common definitions of success, to spur each other to something bolder & braver than we thought possible:

  • Make the status quo unpredictable change.

  • Question Everything.

  • Accept nothing at face value.

  • Treat rituals as short term solutions.

  • Eat sacred cows.

  • Never settle.

  • Satisfaction is an agent of the devil.

  • Never ask permission...from anyone anywhere.

  • Just Do It.

  • If it makes dollars it makes sense.

  • Have fun.

  • Don't look back.

  • Surprise yourself.

Now it's my turn!

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Kevin Smith...Why vs Why Not?

Kevin Smith...Why vs Why Not?